Rev. Fr. Donald Ewulu. Chaplain, Mentality Development and Change Foundation. United States of America

Rev. Fr. Donald Ewulu. Chaplain, Mentality Development and Change Foundation. United States of America

From the beginning, I shared in your dreams and aspirations but I never gave it a chance of success due to daunting problems especially your finances. I thought it was stillborn. Your determination is amazing and your convictions, very resolute. You never gave in to despair. Mentality Development and Change Foundation is one of the benefits of your sojourn in the United Kingdom. Your exposure made you realize that Nigeria is living in a shadow world according to Plato. Your decision to help transform our shadow world into a real one is borne out of patriotism. A person like you really deserves national honours and award. You are indeed yet an uncelebrated National Hero. The passion with which you pursued this vision is overwhelming. I wish you success. I am part of it and I will continue to partner with you.

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Founder & President

Anthony Ikechukwu Okonkwo was born on the 6th of January, 1978. He is the ninth among the ten children of Late Sir & Late Lady George & Agnes Okonkwo of Ogbaeke, Ihioma in Orlu Local Government Area of Imo State in the South Eastern part of Nigeria. He studied Philosophy at Pontifical Urban University Rome and The University of Nottingham, United Kingdom and Management of Information Systems at Meridian College of Computing, London, United Kingdom. Sparked by the fact that Nigeria is often spoken about with contempt and derision and also as an advocate for reorientation of youths, social justice and passionate about changing the ugly face of Nigeria nationally and internationally and putting a stop to abuse of human rights and dignity, marginalization and social injustices, Anthony formed a Nonprofit Organization, Mentality Development and Change Foundation (MDCF).

Anthony loves God's affairs, educative travelling, reading, writing, investment relations and making friends. He is hired by the Imo State Government as a Board Member in charge of 544 Primary Healthcare Centers of 12 local Governments of Orlu Zone in the Imo State Primary Healthcare Development Agency (ISPHCDA). He is a Director at Softmind Benefits International Limited, Lagos, Nigeria and a Business Development Manager at Uche Joe Obi & Partners (UJOP), a real estate firm in Owerri, Imo State Nigeria. He is an acclaimed author and has written many published and unpublished newspaper articles. Anthony lived in United Kingdom for five years from 2004 before he relocated to Nigeria in 2009 and has been impacting on Nigerian Citizens the good things he learnt from Nigeria's colonial masters' land. This is why he strongly believes that Great Britain has obligatory roles to play towards Nigeria's National Development; a responsibility which Great Britain must not shy away from no matter the sovereignty of state argument. He is married to Mrs. Mary Amarachukwu Okonkwo.

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