Anthony’s chamber of knowledge is inexhaustible. His ingenuity in forming Mentality Development and Change Foundation insurmountable. Please let’s support him to give Nigeria the reboot she needs for National Development. In fact, Anthony is a doyen of knowledge and an astute scholar
Dr. Lady Uche Francisca Obi. Founder, Women And Family Advancement Initiative(WAFAI); BOT Secretary, MDCF and Principal Partner, Uche Joe Obi & Partners, Owerri Imo State Nigeria
Ik, we are very proud of you. From childhood, we knew that you are endowed with unique talent. Your studies and United Kingdom exposures shined your natural endowments which gave birth to Mentality Change Foundation. We are fully in support of you financially and morally because we are convinced that Nigeria needs your message to move to expected level of civilized development. May God continue to protect you and bless your efforts with success, Amen.
Dr. Cornelius & Engr. Mrs Chinyere Okonkwo, N.C, United States
Rev, you are great, you are glorious and wonderfully strong. Despite your brilliance and wisdom, we are ever humbled with your empathy, humility and service to humanity which motivated you to form MDCF. You are an icon of change. Never you be despondent or allow yourself to be dwarfed because of your current financial and political challenges. Believe us, You are unstoppable.
Engr. Austin & Mrs Christina Anyaene. London, United Kingdom
Hon. Iyke, I have been part of this great initiative from conception to inauguration at Transcorp Hilton Hotel, Abuja. What still baffles me is your ever readiness to spend all you have to make your dream a reality. With you, I am fully convinced that dreams backed with prayers come true. It is only God who will reward you as you have sacrificed. Long live Mentality Change Foundation!!!
Mr. Ekene Nwaeze, Abuja based Businessman
Hon.Ik, we are not surprised that you will come up with the direct and right solution to Nigeria's problem and projects. Change of our strange mindsets is the only way forward. We say big congratulations. As we have identified with you in our little ways, may God bless you with people who will financially and morally support your ministry of change, Amen.
Mr. Emmanuel & Mrs Esther Nnadi. CEOs, EEMATECH UK Ltd. London, United Kingdom
Deede, i put in my best during the formation of this ingenuity because of the authoritative believe and confidence i have in you based on your noble antecedents. With my travel exposures in the United States, I am now fully convinced of what motivated you to spend all you had to form this organization on the 10th of the 10th month of 2010 at Transcorp Hilton Hotel Abuja. From what i have been seeing here, what Nigeria needs is mentality change. May the Good Lord who has started this good work in you bring it to purposeful end,AMEN.
Mr. Uche Obioha, United States
Tony, you are a rare gem and a colossus. This is demonstrated with the name and formation of Mentality Change Foundation. I am a living witness of its attractiveness and relevance in making Nigeria not to be fantastically corrupt within record time. Please carry on the good job. I have you covered with good wishes, works and prayers.
Mrs Ifeoma Ifenatuora, Onitsha Anambra State
Our wise and great brother Onwa as people popularly call you, we are so proud of you with the formation of Mentality Change Foundation which you started after your studies in the United Kingdom. We saw your doggedness, zeal and great sense of sacrifice in giving all you have and even taken from us to make sure this dream comes to reality. Be assured of our prayers and support in all you do because the Foundation is the key to our over due national development. Your name Anthony and pet name Onwa(the moon)say it all in demonstrating your pelican nature. May God reward you abundantly and be with you, AMEN. From us : OKONKWO Martin, Francis, Helen, Dorathy and Patricia.
Late Sir & Lady George and Agnes Okonkwo Foundation
Dee Menta, you are the greatest mentor, motivator and teacher i have ever seen in my life time. You teachings are like that of young Jesus Christ in the Temple. Your new gospel cuts across all spheres of our Nation's psychology and physiology and as such, if imbibed has all it takes to give comprehensive healing to all our Nation's problems and woes. May God protect you and your dreams. How i wish my Dad is still alive, i would have convinced him to sell all our properties so that we can donate all the proceeds to this Foundation.  Do not worry much, keep on the good faith, i will soon grow up to support you financially because you have emptied yourself for the sake of this gospel.
Onyinye Okpalaji, Young Strategist for MDCF
We believe in this great and novel initiative. That is why we have invested in it and helped in coordinating it in Anambra State. The results achieved so far are true testimony of the relevance of Mentality Change gospel. Bro Ik, keep on the good faith. You are a destiny child unto change in Nigeria.
Mr. & Mrs Chinedu Anuri Okeke. MDs, Edvalvic Concerns Ltd Onitsha Anambra
The problem of Nigeria is mindset which transcends leadership. The solution has to be to change the mindset with a view to change the rules…The people who argue that just changing the leaders would solve the problem have to admit defeat now because every time leaders were changed somehow every time they become leaders, they changed.
Professor Mamdani Mahmood. Columbia University, United States
Anthony is a rare genius who has walked the golden path of honour by the
formation of this great organization. Your character and disposition epitomize a better sermon than the one from the pulpit. Let us pick Tony up and support him as I did because he has all the potentials to give birth to a new Nigeria.
Mrs Ifeoma Ochuba. A Business Mogul at Aba, Abia State
From the beginning, I shared in your dreams and aspirations but I never gave it a chance of success due to daunting problems especially your finances. I thought it was stillborn. Your determination is amazing and your convictions, very resolute. You never gave in to despair. Mentality Development and Change Foundation is one of the benefits of your sojourn in the United Kingdom. Your exposure made you realize that Nigeria is living in a shadow world according to Plato. Your decision to help transform our shadow world into a real one is borne out of patriotism. A person like you really deserves national honours and award. You are indeed yet an uncelebrated National Hero. The passion with which you pursued this vision is overwhelming. I wish you success. I am part of it and I will continue to partner with you.
Rev. Fr. Donald Ewulu. Chaplain, Mentality Development and Change Foundation. United States of America
Nigerians need reorientation of mindsets before empowerment.
Comrade Edede Franklyne
It gives me tremendous joy to congratulate you for Mentality Change Foundation. We the entire members of St. John’s Parish, Ihioma your home Parish congratulate you for the accomplishment of this magnificent feat. We are very hopeful that the fruits of this amazing initiative may soon be felt in all the strata of our society, AMEN.
Fr. Ejike Chukwukere, Catholic Diocese of Orlu
Since our 20 years of printing and publishing, we have never come across a novel and unique initiative like yours Anthony. You are a rare intellectual gem. May God locate your Angel Investors to promote your sacrifice, Amen.
Angel Prince Graphics, Aba, Abia State. MDCF official printers and publishers
Congratulations Anthony for a timely and robust initiative. Nigeria will not be lost with the preaching of this Foundation that is on a rescue mission. Tony, you have proved to be one of the Nation’s finest. You will go beyond borders. I wish you a clear coast as you preach change in the strange mentality of Nigeria.
Rev. Fr. Jude Obianigwe, Catholic Diocese of Orlu
We thank you for your committed efforts towards change in men and women that today have yielded a great result. We celebrate you now and for life for this great ingenuity.
Mr.& Mrs G.O. Egwim, Aba, Abia State
Anthony, I commend your ingenuity with the formation of this needed type of organization. Your message if adopted by all Nigerians especially our teaming Youths, will lead to a radical departure from our old ways of doing things. I wish you well and encourage all to assist and support your mission.
Comrade Ambrose Obioha, KSM. Office of the Governor, Bureau for Youth Affairs, Imo State
Ik, I commend your efforts and thoughtfulness in initiating this laudable and rewarding project. More grease to your elbows. May the Good Lord bless your handwork and crown it with success, Amen.
Hon. Chief Canice-Moore Nwachukwu, Imo State Political Strategist and Coordinator
Anthony is introducing a wonderful revolution in Nigerian society. There is need for change in every sector. We need to be epochized of some of our old and unacceptable lifestyles that are not in conformity with natural order. Mr. Anthony has taken the bull by the horn. We must appreciate his courage and support him for a better tomorrow.
N-Trinity Press, Publisher, The Forum Newspaper
I gladly wish to express my heartfelt gratitude to Almighty God who deems it fit to bestow upon you the initiative and sound mind to embark on this noble project of changing the mentality of our people. May His grace be ever sufficient for you to achieve your desired goal, Amen.
Mrs Chizoba Okwara-Iwuoha, First Bank Nigeria Plc.
Tony, we appreciate your wonderful initiative because it has all it takes to cure our national woes. May the Good and Just God who inspired you to start this good work bring it to purposeful fulfillment, Amen. May our Mother Mary, Mediatrix of all graces protect you all round, AMEN.
Mr. & Mrs Oliver Nkeiru Alawuba, Abuja, Nigeria
Our country Nigeria is overdue for courageous and vicious leaders like you who are ready to swim counter current to reformulate old and strange mentality. I encourage everybody to join Tony to fight against this old and selfish mentality that has been crippling a blessed nation. To whom much is given, much is expected. OKOTEX, Kudos! Kudos!! Kudos!!!
Rev. Fr. Jude Chidi Egbom, Catholic Diocese of Orlu, Nigeria
Needed and wonderful initiative! Congratulations Anthony!!!
Mr. Carl Engelsen, Director of French Aid, Embassy of France in Nigeria
“Even if Nigerian Leaders are confused about what to do in their country in terms of policies that will move the Nation forward, let them at least start from making their roads good enough for motorists and pedestrians. I think this one doesn't require much brain work”
Condoleezza Rice, the former U.S. Secretary of State(Admonition)
“Our problem in Nigeria is not corruption; we all need to change our mindset and attitude. If all Nigerians do what is right, our country will change because most Nigerians will be more committed and focused with hard work”
Mr. Goodluck Jonathan, Former President of Nigeria
This war is a war between the youths and the aged. She challenges youths stating “why should we sit and allow old people to make decisions for future they will not be part of. We all are angry about Nigeria. We should do something about our anger”
Toyosi Akerele Ogunsiji, the Chief Executive of Rise Group
MY PARTNERSHIP WITH CHANGE! Some are born great. Some have greatness trusted on their shoulders. Some achieve greatness. Tony Okonkwo is an amalgam of the pedigree of greatness. Mentality comes from the spark of the Divine-Reason. Change is the only thing constant. Philosophy is a dissatisfaction of the ‘status quo’ for a critical quest for novelty- that is Mentality Change! It is better not to know ‘Okotex’ than to know him and miss him. Authors die but their ideas are immortal! Change. Yes we can!
Rev. Fr. Ugonna Mbonu, Pordenone, Italy.MDCF Founding Facilitator
We must be tired and unsatisfied with our present ugly condition before we can be motivated in mind and action to move to the next level of comfort. Mentality Change is the driving force.
Rev. Fr. Augustine Odinkalu, Spiritual Director, Zion Catholic Adoration Ministry, Umuaka Orlu, Imo State Nigeria and Spiritual Director, Mentality Development and Change Foundation
I am a witness of the attractiveness and reality of your noble, novel and unique Non-Governmental Organization. You have really demonstrated that travelling is an essential tool for grounded education for youths. I was at the inauguration at Transcorp Hilton Hotel Abuja which was a successful outing. I joined you during the Lagos awareness campaign. The testimonies of people we met during our marketing in Owerri, Imo State capital were uniformed- “Great work, Celebrity in the making; a born Hero; that is exactly what we need to move Nigeria forward”. Congratulations my friend and mentor. What you need is just to be identified by a visionary individual or a corporate body and that will be the end of most of our teaming youth’s problem. Long live Mentality Change! Long live Tony Okonkwo.
Miss Maureen Ogochukwu Ezeh, Founding Member, MDCF, Ibadan
Mental Revolution has become imperative because of people’s refusal to do the right thing. Quoting the Holy Scriptures Romans 12:2 he says that:“there is need for renewing of the mind to know what is right and wrong which will bring change in the mindset and attitude of people”.
Most Rev. Dr. Hilary Odili Okeke, the Catholic Bishop of Nnewi Diocese, Anambra State Nigeria.
There is a clarion call for critical mass movement in Nigeria; a movement from strange mentality to sane mentality.
Dr. Chichi Aniagulu, a Development Consultant with Canadian International Agency:
Through Mentality Change Foundation, Mr. Okonkwo has reminded Nigerians that the problems facing them are not beyond them because they are Nigerian made. With determination and courage, they will overcome them. The Foundation is a ‘vademecum’ for establishing a peaceful, orderly and increasingly prosperous Nigeria that will be indeed the giant of Africa in the truest and best sense of the word as well as the envy of the rest of the world.
Fr. Constantine Osuchukwu, Canberra, Australia