About Us


Mentality Development and Change Foundation (MDCF) is a Nigerian Non-Governmental Organization registered with Corporate Affairs Commission on the 6th of August, 2012 with the number CAC/IT/NO 55092. Our aim is to bring about the much needed change in the mentality and orientation of our youths for a better and more rewarding society in compliance with the injunctions of Romans 12:2.
Our vision is to restore our nation’s lost glory by being the catalyst for the positive change of mentality needed to push every individual in particular and our nation Nigeria in general to a level where doing the right thing becomes the natural option.
Our mission is to transform every youth into a credible and selfless leader worthy of emulation through active reorientation, engagement, encouragement, training and counseling.
The formation of our organization was as a result of critical quest for an answer on why Nigeria despite her rich human and natural resources has been dwarfed in areas of Impact Economy, education, health, security, humanitarian assistance, planning and building, urban and rural development. Secondly is critical analysis and survey on why whenever we change leaders in Nigeria with positive hope most of them change negatively, appear confused and deaf to useful advice as soon as they take up any leadership position and concentrate mostly on acquisition of wealth through misappropriation of public funds. With our researches and survey, we found out that our problem in Nigeria is not corruption as most people purport but our strange mindset which necessitates corruption and bad governance.

This made us to come up with the submission that Nigeria will be able to ‘walk again’ through Silent Underground Mental Revolution (SUMRE) which is change of many mindsets, Youth development and empowerment without making much noise. This is a revolution that can rescue our blessed but crippled Nation, Nigeria within record time.




We engage in educative travels, offer educational, career advice and counselling through which we place students on international studies so that they will appreciate how civilized society ought to be and for many of them to be dissatisfied with Nigerian ‘status quo’. We offer graduate job seekers allowance for basic needs, job hunting for unpriviledged graduates, skill acquisition training and start up career development soft loan and legal aid. We also engage in spiritual, public health and political enlightenment campaigns, media publications, writing books, workshops, conferences, prayer meetings. We make people to be passionate about telling Nigerians that what matters as such is for most Nigerians to start thinking of what they can do for our nation and not what we will get from the corrupt Nigerian system. We preach the gospel of “IMPACT ECONOMY”. We sensitize people to be part of the crusade for civilized Nigeria so that our children and relatives will not experience what all of us are suffering presently. Through our sister organization, Women And Family Advancement Initiative (WAFAI), we subsidize three universities and urban en suite hostel accommodation with 750 rooms to promote quality education and control diseases associated with congested and unhealthy apartments.


Imo, Anambra, Abia, Ebonyi, Edo, Enugu, Lagos, Abuja and Rivers States of Nigeria. Currently based on our local acceptance and achievements, we want through our planned International press conference to work in synergy through partnerships and sponsorships for a Recolonization of Nigeria Summit in any civilized country that is passionate about Nigeria’s affairs.


Please join us only if you are passionate about changing the ugly faces of Nigeria in any sector of our economy.We need National and International Coordinators, Partners and Sponsors.


We need 2000 members per state and $100,000 per 36 states of Nigeria annually especially during general election year to achieve our targets effectively in each state.Embassies, Federal,State governments and International Donor Agencies are encouraged to support us achieve our targets.Corporate organizations can put us into consideration as part of their Corporate Social and Spiritual Responsibility (C.S.S.R) because when we get our mindsets right, our attitude will change and most of our economic, environmental,social and spiritual problems will die natural death.

Annually, we need minimum of $3.7m USD for our programmes in 36 states and F.C.T. Abuja.

We can crowd in local funds through annual membership fee which most of our members are willing to pay without expecting direct financial returns and through free donations. This is why we encourage Program Related Investments (PRI) or Soft loan for our young organization from Investors or Grantors to meet our targets and not free money.


For further inquiries, please call +234 80231 51497 and +234 8077 880890 or email revtony@mentalitychange.org and drucheobi@mentalitychange.org or write to Mentality Development and Change Foundation (M.D.C.F.) 35 Ekwema Crescent, Ikenegbu Owerri, Imo State, Nigeria.

Thank you for your disposition to join us and save Nigerian youths from future years of suffering and smiling without hope and amidst our jingles of better future without foreseeable developmental strategies. CHEERS!!!