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There is a saying though not fully proven medically that whatever causes a health condition can sometimes be used to cure it. Greed and the inordinate quest for money cause majority of our developmental woes in Nigeria. We need funds to combat this virus called “STRANGE MENTALITY”. Most Nigerians are ‘moneyphobic’ because they know that there is no functional government and system to take care of their basic needs of life as Nigerian Citizens. Therefore, they go any length and do many strange things to avoid their fears of not having money to take care of their needs and that of their families. Most times when you confront and discourage them from indulging in corrupt practices, they often strangely ask you “will you take care of my housing, health, water, electricity, security, children education, transportation, unpaid salaries, pensions, gratuities and other inhuman injustices prevalent in Nigerian society?”.These expose Nigerian youths and make them vulnerable by seeing corruption as the only means of survival.

These make our message to be a hard nut to crack. Being conscious of this ugly foundational problem and project, our organization mapped out tested strategies of Reorientation, Development and Empowerment (REDEEM) to redeem vulnerable Nigerian youths from their inherited predicament. After working on their mindset and setting their values right, we fish out a healthy option(‘sanatio in radice’) from the capacity and potentials of what they do already or what they can do best, then we empower them in those various areas of their expertise and interest. This empowerment strategy has proven to be an effective and sustainable work tool for us because most politicians inflict Nigerian Citizens with the poverty of the mind and pocket and often throw inhuman baits to them to make them exist with false hopes of better tomorrow which never come. They do this more during general election years to distract and lure most citizens to vote for them but as soon as they win the elections, they totally forget the basic welfare of their citizens. Therefore, despite our rich human and natural resources, Nigeria still wallow in uncivilized poverty.

We have faced challenges over years in achieving our targets because of limited funds to walk and work our talks just as Jesus Christ did in the miracle recorded in the gospel of Matthew 14: 13-21; Mark 6: 33-44; Luke 9:11-17 and John 6:2-14 of the Holy Scriptures. After preaching the gospel to the crowd, the disciples wanted Him to dismiss the hungry and vulnerable crowd because they were in the desert(Nigeria) and they ignorantly felt like most Nigerian politicians that they do not have enough to feed them despite having five loaves(sweet crude oil) and two fish(other human and natural resources). This made Jesus Christ to command them (just as I want civilized world leaders to openly command Nigerian and other African Presidents) saying: “they need not go away (as refugees); give them something to eat”. This single command made the disciples realize that they have something which necessitated a miracle from Him. This is the only one miracle of Jesus Christ recorded in all the gospels to demonstrate its importance and teaching to all of us. I realized that I have something as I wrote in one of my books. I have been using what I have to help out in my own little ways. This my five loaves and two fish can make you do the miracle.

Please do not shy away with anything you have to help our organization realize our targets like job opportunities for our youths; setting up factories despite our chronic electricity problems and insecurity; donation of entrepreneurial equipment; granting of tailored local and study abroad education scholarships,internships and liberal but rational visa programme for skilled and educated youths to checkmate illegal migration and refugee nuisance; buying the copyright of our books; funds and utility vehicle donations; sponsoring and supporting our local programme budgeted at $3.7m USD annually and partnering with us in our proposed International Summit to address our postcolonial chronic problems. In fact, every little helps(Tesco’s slogan). Your giving is an action that has a spiritual and social effect because it will make Nigerian Youths to remember and learn from it because our ‘REDEEM’ strategy is a ‘hypnomoneyphobic therapy’ that gets to the root of this money phobia to get rid of it and restore hope to our hopeless youths through building a national functional system through reorientative empowerment as a panacea for corrupt empowerment.